Keeping Record of God’s Dealings

Record of God's dealings

The first time Jesus visited Peter and his team of fishermen, He met them tired and frustrated. This was because they have labored overnight, with no single catch. Jesus said to Peter, “launch out into the deep and let your nets for a catch.”

Peter being an experienced fisherman, tried to argue with Jesus, based on his experience of fishing. The day is dawn; the best catch is always in the night, once the day breaks, chances are very slim.

Reluctantly, Peter obeyed, but out of unbelief. So, instead of throwing in his nets, like the Master commanded, he threw in a net. But he was surprised, when they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. Peter learnt a lesson that day, that obedience to divine instruction, will always produce, where experience fails. 

Faith from Past Faithfulness

Peter again, with the rest of his team, has toiled all night, and there was no catch. When he heard, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” (John 21:6) He did not hesitate.

He obeyed promptly, because he remembered, his last encounter with Jesus, in a similar situation. It is good, to keep record of God’s dealings, in our lives. It helps to build our faith and deepens our confidence in God.

It helps us to appreciate God’s constant faithfulness and unfailing kindness, in our lives. You know how easy it is, for us to forget God’s past faithfulness, in the midst of fresh challenges. Even when, when the fresh challenges are of lesser degree and intensity, to what God had once delivered us from.

Event may sometimes repeat itself in our lives. At that moment we can refer to our record of God’s dealings and receive an encouragement to seize the moment. This is your season. I declare that in spite of the lockdown your life shall never cease testifying of God’s goodness, in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Starter:

Father, I look to You this season, for unusual results, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Let’s Talk About It:

How do you keep the record of God’s faithfulness and dealings in your life?