Pray for Families Affected By Coronavirus

Pray for families affected By Coronavirus
Prayer For China

Pray that God in His mercies, will guide the health workers, and the ministry of health in China, so they can find the solution to the Coronavirus, in Jesus’ name.

Let us pray, that the global health care provider will be granted speed and wisdom, in their effort to seek and find the cure for Coronavirus, in Jesus’ name.

We pray for quick, and complete recovery, for those who have been affected by coronavirus in Jesus’ name.

Command a mighty strong west wind, to begin to blow over china, and drive away Coronavirus and anything associated with it, in Jesus’ name.

For those who have lost family members, or friends and loved ones, because of Coronavirus, let us pray that they will find strength and comfort in Christ.

Prayer For Salvation and Evangelism

What is happening around the globe, calls for a serious reflection. There is no safe place except in Christ. Every part of the globe has their own share of the challenges and crisis.

There is no place to run to, even travelling from one location to another is risky. There is fear everywhere, either on the road, or on water, or by air, there is fear and anxiety everywhere.

If you have not accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour, I encourage you to give it a serious consideration today. The Bible says, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.”

Let us pray, that this occasion will cause the Chinese, to turn to Christ as their Lord and saviour, in Jesus’ name.

Can we also pray for the body of Christ in China, so that they will rise and respond with the love of God, to the families and people affected with the virus, in Jesus’ name. 

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