Prayer Against Pharaoh’s Scheme

Prayer Against Pharaoh's Scheme

It is time to rise in prayer against Pharaoh’s scheme in your life. Do you see what happen in our text today (Read Exodus 1:1-21)? Pharaoh was intimidated with the growth and the progress of the children of Israel and so he set up a strategy to stop it, and to destroy them.

The enemy is always intimidated with the growth and the progress of God’s people. So, many times what you see as the enemy’s opposition is a reflection of his fear of what God is doing in your life. He fights your progress and growth because it reveals he is not the one in control, but God.

Don’t just watch, when you sense the enemy activities in any area of your life. You must rise up in prayer and confront the the scheme of the wicked against your life.

Prayer Points 1
  1. Father, make me fruitful and increase me abundantly. Multiply, and cause me to grow exceedingly mighty, and enable me to replenish my land, in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:7)
  2. Oh Lord, make me more and mightier than the wicked, in the land, in the name of Jesus Christ (Exodus 1:9)
  3. Heavenly Father, let every conspiracy of the wicked, fashioned against my growth and progress, end in vain, in Jesus’ name (Exodus 1:10)
  4. My Father, let every taskmaster assigned to afflict, and oppress me with heavy burden breakdown without remedy, in Jesus’ name (Exodus 1:11)
  5. Dear Father, let the opposite of what the enemy envisioned, and planned against me, begin to manifest in my life. Where they set a strategy of affliction, let the blessing of multiplication manifest, in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:12)
  6. Let my progress and growth, become the dread and the destruction of the wicked, in the name of Jesus Christ (Exodus 1:12)
  7. I decree the end of bitter and hard bondage, in every area of my life, in Jesus’ name, (Exodus 1:13-14)
Prayer Points 2
  1. Today, I loose myself from satanic servitude and demonic oppression, in the name of Jesus Christ (Exodus 1:14)
  2. God of heaven, let the midwives employed against the delivery of my destiny, surrender in the fear of Lord, in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:15-16)
  3. Faithful God, turn the heart of the midwives assigned to kill my dream, to favour its fulfilment, in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:16)
  4. This year, I declare over my case, that the wicked shall lose their credibility in the sight of their collaborators, in Jesus name. (Exodus 1:17)
  5. Oh God, let your fear prevail over anyone, that has received wicked assignment against my, life in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:17)
  6. Throughout this year, I decree my testimonies shall overtake the wicked, in their wickedness, in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:19)
  7. From this month forward, let Your blessing rest over those who favour my cause. Father, as You bless me, bless them; as You multiply me, multiply them, in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:20-21)
  8. I declare and decree, that the spirit of Pharaoh, shall fail in all their attempts over my household this year. My sons and daughters, both natural and spiritual shall not become a sacrificial animal, at altar of water spirit, Jesus’ name. (Exodus 1:21)

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