Rehearsing for a New Height

Rehearshing for a new height

Let me share with you today about rehearsing for a new height. A man’s feeling can be traced to his thinking; low thinking is the reason for low feeling. The Psalmist was discouraged and depressed, not because he was in the dump, but because, the dump was in his mind.

Your thought dictates the direction of your emotion. Don’t allow what is happening around you, to mess up your mind. The Psalmist says, “When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse everything I know of you. From Jordan depths to Hermon heights, including Mount Mizar.” (Psalms 42:6 MSG)

Do you see how the Psalmist helped himself out of the mess? He rehearsed everything he knows of God. He turned his mind, away from the object of depression, to the God of his affection.

Talk Like Where You are Going 

Rehearsing is practicing in preparation, for later performance. While still in the dumps, at the Jordan depths, he prepares himself for a life on the Hermon heights. He reviews what he knows of God.

I perceive that as he continues, his feeling changed, sadness gives way to joy, and ingratitude gives way to gratitude. Where he was going to, becomes more real to him, than what he was going through.

His path to the Hermon heights becomes clearer, than when he was downcast. You may still be in the valley, but you can begin to rehearse for your new height. Begin to review everything you know of God, His faithfulness, and love because as you do faith will rise within.

Reviewing everything we know of God will definitely usher us, into moments of ceaseless thanksgiving. God has done so much for you, you just need to ponder on them. Give the devil a complete neglect, by celebrating God’s faithfulness. Rehearsing for a new height, is an act of faith, because you are declaring the end from the beginning. I declare that this week you are rising to a new height, in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Starter

Father, thank you for your wonderful deeds, in my life. Lord, I am expectant this week for more of Your wondrous deeds, in Jesus’ name.

Let’s Talk About It.

How will you advise someone around you in their low moments?