The Murmurers and Complainers

The Murmurers and Complainers

Jude 1:16 (KJV) These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling [words], having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.

The murmurers and complainers cannot go far with God, because murmuring and complaining are not part of kingdom attitude. We can see God’s response to these two negative attitudes, among the children of Israel in the wilderness.

If He did not accommodate them in the old, it is sure He will frown at them in the new. Afterall, it is only the covenant that has changed, God remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Who is a Complainer?

From the Greek language, the word complainer is a combination of two words: “to blame” and “lot in life”. This suggests, that complainers never take responsibility for their actions. They always look out for someone to blame, for their lot in life.

Have you not noticed, that people who complain, never really see the fault in themselves, except in others? When they fall, it is someone who made them fall. It is never their fault when they fail, but it is their merit when they succeed.

It takes walking in the spirit, to live above murmuring and complaining. Do you notice, that our text says, murmurers and complainers, walking after their own lusts? Anytime you are tempted to murmur and complain, remember the enemy is trying to draw you into the flesh.

The challenge with walking according to your own lusts is, that it gives the enemy an advantage over your life. It will always take you out of God’s coverage area, and make you victim to the enemy.

As a believer, you must learn how to wisely disconnect from people, who are always murmuring and complaining. You don’t want yourself contaminated with wrong attitude, because negative attitude spreads like virus. If you flock around people with wrong attitude, you can catch their spirit.

Prayer Starter

Father, I reject murmuring and complaining in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ

Let’s Talk About It:

What do you do, when people start murmuring and complaining around you?