The Ways of the Great Provider

the ways of the great provider

God is the Great provider. This was who He was, before there was a need for provision in your life. Your need for provision does not make Him the Great provider, it only creates an opportunity for Him to manifest as such. He will remain in that office, even long after all needs have been met.

Devotional Thought

God directed Elijah to the brook where God supplied for all his need during the famine in the land. He drank from the water of the brook, and ravens brought bread and meat for him twice a day.

“And it happened after a while that the brook dried up, because there had been no rain in the land.” 1 Kings 17:7 (NKJV)

After a while, the brook dried up, and there was no water to serve Elijah’s need any longer. Definitely, the Brook did not dry up suddenly; there must have been a gradual decrease in the water level to prepare him, for what was about to happen.

Just like any of us, Elijah must have been praying, and believing that the water level will improve and get better. But, the more he prayed, the more the water went down, and dried up completely. I believe Elijah understood the ways of God, if not he would have been perturbed.

If this story sounds like yours, please remember that God is not limited to one channel of provision. Just like Elijah, you are about to discover an uncommon channel of God’s provision for your need.

I don’t know what looks like a drying brook in your life, which has refused to improve, in spite of your prayer and confession of faith. Please stop stressing yourself, our Great provider is aware of the state of your brook.

When you understand the ways of our Great Provider, you will know that a drying brook does not imply a drying source, but a change of channel. Don’t get tied down to what the Lord has finished with; get set for what the Lord is about to do.

Prayer Starter

Father, lead me to where miracles await me, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Let’s Talk About It:

What was your experience, with God as a Great provider?

Has God touched you in any specific way through our resources? Whatever your testimony is, we will love to hear. The Bible says, “…Proclaim among the nations what He has done.” (Psalms 9:11 NIV). Your testimony is a prophecy to others, share it with us. Share your story.

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